Woman Claims Chris Brown Is Threatening To Kill Her!

Chris Brown just can’t seem to get it together. He is involved in some sort of drama and controversy daily.

Well Breezy is in the news again but this case is a little bit different. A woman named Danielle Patti, who was once arrested for trespassing at Brown’s home, claims that Brown is threatening her life via social media. Crazy right?!

According to TMZ, Patti filed for a temporary restraining order against Brown. She claims that he has repeatedly harassed her, via social media, and says that he wants her dead. Patti was arrested back in December when she allegedly drove onto Brown’s property and refused to leave. The judge has granted the restraining order and Brown is ordered to stay 100 yards away from Patti and have no contact with her. Maybe one day Chris will find peace in his life and stay out of the press for negative reasons! Chris probably did threaten to kill the woman who was once arrested for trespassing on his property though.