Woman Claims Miguel Sexually Assaulted Her


Now I’m never one to victim blame, or discredit folks off the rip, but I can’t help but think that this one doesn’t sound right. So a woman is claiming that singer Miguel sexually assaulted her as he allegedly pulled one of her breasts out at a show.

By ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors)

Now listen, I’ve seen and heard all kinds of things first hand in this industry, hell in the world, and I don’t put anything past anyone, but here’s why social media isn’t believing this woman’s story.

The woman makes a video fondling herself and rubbing on herself trying to be sexy while telling us the story of what allegedly happened between her and Miguel. I don’t care if a woman was butt naked, that doesn’t give the man the right to touch them, but many wondered that if this really happened to the woman, why would she try to post a seductive video on the ‘gram instead of notifying the police. The woman recorded a video saying,

“Went out to this one club ran into the singer Miguel and I went up to him and I introduced myself and asked him if we can take a picture. He was like yeah sure he was super cool at first. And I was like you know I just want to introduce myself to you. My name is Xian Bass. I’m a student at the University of New Mexico. I’m majoring in health and human services. I’m really passionate about sexual health and sexual education.. getting folks tested. I love your song “Adorn”. I’ve made myself orgasm to it many of times, and I love the song. Thank you. So cool we take a selfie; cute little photo. But right after we take the photo he reaches his hand down my shirt, and takes my breast out of my top….I froze because it was so sudden.”

We weren’t there, so it’s not completely fair to weigh in on the incident. Surely there may be camera footage or witnesses who were nearby right?! Miguel seems to be happily in a long-term relationship, the woman doesn’t seem like his type, and he doesn’t seem like the type to do anything like this, but you never know! Hmmmmm what are your thoughts? Do you believe her?