Women Are Claiming That Rick Ross Is Out Here Making Chicks Get Abortions!


It looks like the Biggest Bawse’s bachelor lifestyle and love life has a twist to it.

by ClassicOne

I’m trying to think who has more girlfriends between Rick Ross, Future, Fetty Wap, Chief Keef, and Migos. LOL. Well it’s many more rappers that are getting it in, but it’s these ones we hear the most about especially with groupie tales and sister wife allegations.

Well a few women are now claiming that Rick Ross allegedly made them or their friends have abortions either voluntarily or involuntarily.

The women have reached out to blogger Fameolous accusing Rick Ross of selling fake dreams and being horrible with communication.

One woman and a friend of another claimed that when the women involved with Rozay told him they were pregnant he ignored them and never or hardly responded to them the entire time.

One woman claims that she also heard that his ex-fiance Lira Galore also had an abortion after getting pregnant by Ross.

“I recently decided to cut things off with him because he’s a manipulator, sells dreams, lies constantly and f-cks anything walking. It’s not worth catching an STD over or being constantly humiliated by his antics that are always in the media. I pray that one day he gets it together and stop mistreating women,” said one of the women.

Another women claims that her friend also became pregnant by Rick Ross, and after she allegedly informed him, he ignored her for a while. According to the source, Ross eventually hit the woman up after she tried for so long to get in contact with her, allegedly saying that the pregnancy wouldn’t be a good look for him, and he allegedly took the woman to get an abortion.

I think what’s more alarming is all of the unprotected sex going on. I know these artists have access to so many women, but y’all have to wrap it up before you catch something you can’t shake off!!!

What are your thoughts? Do you think the biggest bawse is really out here doing these girls like this?