Wopster Expansion: Keyshia Ka'oir Wants Gucci To Give Her A Little Boy


The Wopster family may be getting ready for a new addition!

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) Could the Wopsters be already working on creating a dynasty?

If Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka'oir's adoring fans have it their way, that’s exactly what will be the case!

Gucci took to Twitter recently to get some gift ideas for his wife, who will be celebrating her birthday on January 6th.

In a quick, blunt response, Keyshia replied, “I want a Lil Boy”, which sent shock waves through the Wop Community.

Fans of the two seemed enamored at the mere thought of a Wop family expansion, and replies came pouring in from every state with memes and quotes that prove a bigger Wopster Bunch would be well received in the Hip Hop community.

As you probably know, Keyshia finally addressed the rumors of her having alleged kids in Jamaica.

While she didn't address how many kids they have in total, Keyshia did say that she and Gucci both have children (from previous relationships).

It sounds like we may have a baby Guwop by next year! I just want an invitation to the baby shower!


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