WTF News: Man Shoots up Co-Worker's Car For Winning Walmart Employee of the Month

Man shoots up fellow Walmart employee's car because she was named Employee of the Month.

Talk about being a sore loser...

A South Florida Walmart employee is in trouble with the law after shooting up a co-worker's car for earning the title of Employee of the Month.

According to Fox News, Willie Mitchell pulled up to the unoccupied car in Walmart's parking lot, rolled down his window, fired a single shot and sped off.

“She was announced as the employee of the month which you would think that would be something good, people would be happy for her,” Broward County Sherriff’s Office Spokesperson Veda Coleman-Wright reportedly said. “But there was one employee who wasn’t happy.”

The shooting reportedly came just hours after the victim had been bestowed the title. Police say Mitchell argued with the victim over their respective workloads and told her repeatedly, “I’m gonna show you.”

Reports say Mitchell knew the victim was not in the car when he fired the shot, having asked someone in the parking lot if she was already at work just before the incident took place.

Mitchell no longer works for the company. It should also be noted that Employee of the Month is just a title. There is no other benefit besides recognition and resume props.

I'm willing to bet that there's a boat load of reasons Mitchell wasn't named but let's start with his mental stability...or lack thereof.