WTF News: Wife Stabs Husband With Ceramic Squirrel Over Beer

AllHipHop Staff

Wife stabs her husband with a fake squirrel because he returned home from the store without beer.

A South Carolina couple was in the middle of chaos while the rest of us were getting ready to ring in the new year. Police showed up to the home of Helen Ann Williams, 44, on December 30, at 12:20 a.m, where they found a 41-year-old man covered in blood from chest and facial lacerations, according to UPI.

The man told authorities that his wife got enraged when he returned home without beer because the store was closed, and used a ceramic squirrel to beat him over the head and stab him.

However, the wife had a different story. She claimed her husband fell and cut himself and that the blood she had on her hand and clothes had already been there.


The police took her into custody and the man was treated at a hospital.

This had to be deeper than beer though. Seriously?