Wu-Tang Forever: Is A Drake & Wu-Tang Clan Collaboration On The Way?

It looks like Drake may have something up his sleeve!

(AllHipHop Rumors) We all know that Drake is infatuated with the 90s, and to be honest, we can't blame him.

We also know that he has mad love for the Wu-Tang Clan also as he's sampled Wu-Tang in a song titled "Wu-Tang Forever", and as he has been spotted with Wu's own Ghostface Killah & Raekwon.

Drake shook things up again recently as he posted a photo on Instagram with him and the Clan.

This lead to fans speculating on whether he and Wu-Tang would possibly get in the studio to cook up some new heat for fans.

Years ago, RZA expressed how much he regretted Wu-Tang failing to do a Wu-Tang remix of Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever", so maybe the time for them to put out a hot collaboration is now.

You know Drake always has something up his sleeve, so he may actually be working on just that!

Would you be here for the collaboration?

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