Wu-Tang's U-God Has Words For RZA, Claims Killarmy And Sunz of Man Were Wack!

U-God clearly is tired of the love fest. He's speaking his truth.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Yo! Recently, the Wu Tang Clan has been celebrated win after win after win. The collective of nine rappers had never been seen up until that point. This was 25 years ago (or so). Now, they have a new street named after Wu Tang Clan in their native Staten Island, a new mural and a whole Wu-seum (museum) in Manhattan that toes people on a tour of the group's history.

But, for the longest, their have been grumblings that the core members have been at odds. Now, who isn't at odds with somebody? They have done a great job of not talking about it to the public. But that's changed. He talked to Vlad and sent shots towards seminal groups Sunz of Man and Killarmy. Now, he says flat out that they are wack. I have to disagree with him on that! I know a lot of you were not around to hear these other acts back in the day, but they were not trash! Now, I get what U-God is saying, because they didn't really "make it" once time rolled on. I am sure they are still out there doing their thing somewhere, but they didn't get to the level of Wu-Tang. There were some SOLID dudes in those other groups like Killa Sin, Killah Priest and more. In this video, U-God speaks as one of the divine 9 of Wu.

I don't see this as "beef," because I know U-God is cool with other members of the Wu. With leadership comes consequence. I think U-God has an issue with RZA's leadership.

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I think U God is keeping it real, I didn't get down with Killa Army, Sons of man or anything....the only breakoff from Wu that was dope IMO is GraveDiaggaz and Remedy