XXXtentacion And Alleged Victim Speaks Out!

A new interview details what XXXtentacion did to his alleged victim.

Author: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors)XXXtentacion is a trash person and makes decent music. He musical success has caused people to turn a blind eye to his behavior.

The rapper is currently facing charges for assaulting his ex girlfriend. Since being released from, XXXtentacion has scored a #1 album.

Billboard recently posted an article to their website about the rapper and the story features an interview with XXXtentacion.

It also shares details give from the alleged victim.

XXXtentacion states he is against feminists because he thinks they're trying to bring hard working men down with fake stories.

He's unapologetic about his behavior. However, the victim shares stories of being harassed by his fans and family members while also detailing how she started a GoFundMe to help pay for injuries sustained during her assault.

Her GoFundMe was be taken down for over a year due to fans claiming her injuries were fake, but later allowed to be reactivated after she provided the necessary information to prove her injuries. The guy is trash and fans are responsible for his actions.

Reading the article just showcases how someone can manipulate a system into giving them additional chances while they never learn from their actions.

This is a person fans complained about his music being taken down from Spotify playlists & he's a trash individual. Thank you fans.