XXXTentacion Fans Get The Revenge They So Desire!

XXXTentacion's accuser may have been sexually abused in jail and people are happy.

(AllHipHop Rumors) XXXTentacion is loved by a lot. Dedrick Williams, his accused murderer, is loathed by a lot. Now, XXXTentacion fans are foaming at the mouth, because rumor has it, Williams has nearly been raped in jail. These are just rumors, folks. But it seems that some sites are spreading it like wildfire in a dry forest to appease the mourning fans, longing for any justice they can muster. Meanwhile, XXX's girlfriend will never get any. YEP. I said it. Williams has only been accused and charged with the murder of XXXTentacion, not proven or convicted. Yet, people would create a scenario where "street justice" is carried out like this was a Death Wish movie. On top of it all, they are claiming that Kodak Black, the other troubled rapper or his friends, may have had a hand in this. I'm calling BS. Now, it is true that XXX and Kodak Black were close, but all this? NAH. Folks are going to have to come to the conclusion that a lot of soul searching is needed right now. We have lost three rappers in few weeks, RIP Wopo and now Smoke Dawg.

I think XXX realized his shortcomings more than the fans. Check out "Sad," which reveals a lot.

“People change. Things change. And so do I. As long as the outcome is good for myself and family, I'm not complaining. And I want her love all to myself. Loyalty."