XXXTentacion No Longer Wishes Harm On The Migos


Lil Peep's death is making XXXTentacion have a change of heart.

(AllHiHop Rumors) For some strange reason, controversial rapper XXXTentacion has made it his job to troll rap trio Migos.

The trolling hasn't gone well as it lead to him getting jumped by the group.

XXXTentacion has since apologized to TakeOff, but he hasn't squashed his beef with the other members, Quavo and Offset.

XXX has even threatened to take Cardi B from Offset, while simultaneously challenging Offset to a celebrity boxing match

When asked why he continued to troll the Atlanta rap group, XXX replied by saying that he had to get all of the clout that he possibly could off of the situation. He even threatened to sue them for jumping him.

Following the death of rapper Lil Peep, XXX has now had a change of heart. He took to social media to reveal that he no longer chooses to have any ill feelings towards Migos.

"I decided today that life is more important than revenge, I don't want to hurt or ruin anyones life over anything temporary. I will not be sueing anyone, with that being said, mold yourselves in a better image, people won't want to see you changing for the better but it's necessary for our planet, peace, love, positivity," he posted.

It's clear that XXX is unstable and needs some professional help. He'll probably be beefing with someone else tomorrow. Carry on.

R.I.P. Lil Peep.

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this dude is manic..... drastic ups and downs. he probably realize he cant go anywhere now so he better chill lol