XXXTentacion's Anti-Rape Event Gets Cancelled!


XXXTentacion's event to change public opinion on him has been pushed back.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp! Controversial rapper XXXTentacion thought he was going to get the public on his side with plans to execute his anti-rape event during Art Basel.

Well........that won't be happening!

The "A Helping Hand" anti-rape event was supposed to be held today December 7 from 6-9 in Miami, to help the survivors of rape and domestic abuse.

"This is an event for women and men to come and share their own stories in order to help others, to show they are not alone! and to ultimately put our heads together to completely eliminate rape in our country all together!," said XXXtentacion.

Well, it was all good until the event got cancelled. XXX took to Instagram to explain what went wrong.

"It was my fault completely that the event was cancelled, so I take full responsibility for it. I put the venue address out which caused the venue to get spray painted. So I fully, thoroughly apologize, and I'm going to make sure this happens. Please forgive me.... The performance is going to be separate. So the event is still happening, and I'm doing a free performance free of charge to make up for the fact that I didn't get this done on time. .I just want to make sure I'm giving you the proper information. The performance is free; it's going to happen this week. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure this goes through properly. I'm going to do this free event to make up for this because I'm always going to try to be a man of my word. There was nothing I could do in this situation. So I'm going to do a free performance free of entry. I'm going to have the date and the venue for you sometime this week. I wanna make sure I do this correctly so that way everyone is comfortable telling their stories and are not around a bunch of people that don't care for them that are there for me. I want this to be correlated properly," said XXX.

As you know, XXXtentacion is facing up to life in prison for witness tampering and for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, while she was pregnant. All of a sudden XXX's ex doesn't wants to drop the charges, and the prosecutors are calling foul play.

Idc idc, I think XXX did exactly what that girl said he did. I also believe he's just putting together this event to make himself look innocent, and to get sympathy from the public and his fans.

If he did it, lock his azz up! Plain and simple.

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