Xzibit Adds Fuel To Rumors Diddy Is Gay-ish


Diddy may not be gay, but this video of Xzibit talking about Superhead isn't helping things.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The rumors have been out there for quite some time, but let me say that methinks Diddy is straight as an indigenous arrow, BUT...there has been smoke. In this video interview, X to the Z is basically saying he went attended Party that Diddy was having back in the day and it was lit! Well, our old buddy Superhead was there and Diddy let X know the scoop on old girl. Remember she is the most infamous industry slore known to game even though she has cleaned up a lot. She was flooding the game and rappers were there for it. Well, apparently one of her maneuvers got the Bad Boy so good that he had to tell Xzibit what she did. Watch the vid...this is gay-ish behavior or not?

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R.O.C. from So So Def was there that night, as well. I heard the story from his mouth, 2 years before Superhead book came out