Yaya Mayweather Says She’s Going To Stand By Her Man In Latest Tweet

Simone Grant

Floyd Mayweather’s baby girl said she and NBA YoungBoy are “locked in” for life.

The internet has shared various opinions on NBA YoungBoy and his pleather of women. 

The rapper always seems to find his way into some drama and the latest debacle is the physical altercation between his lady Yaya Mayweather, her friend, and NBA’s other girl, Cecilia.

Over Super Bowl weekend, the three women got physical outside of his hotel in Dallas. Cecilia took to Twitter to talk major sh*t about Yaya and also spilled the possibility of her being pregnant. 

Well, Yaya let the world know she is riding for her man til the end.

Do y’all think Yaya should stick by his side knowing all the extra baggage he carries?

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Yaya is a dumb lil' broad. In the video he stops her friend from getting at the Cecilia broad so Cecilia can smash Yaya. Dang Yaya you didn't watch the video? He ain't riding with you... SMH

Yaya along with Lori Harvey gotta be the dumbest lil' rich girls (Thots) on the planet.. SMH...

Money May: Get The Strap.... Better yet cut the allowance and cut the credit cards up, if she wanna be a Dumb Thot let her do it on her on dime or on the Young Boys dime. Money May don't enable her...

P.S.A. That advise is free of charge... Peace...

Unicorn Bliss
Unicorn Bliss

He belongs to the streets