YG Disses Tekashi 69 And SkinnyFromThe9 On New Song From "Boachella"

YG is not letting up! Not only did he dedicate his performance to Nip, he dissed the snitches.

(AllHipHop Rumor) YG was one of the highlights at the Nipsey Hussle funeral, because he was a Blood sending a salute to a Crip in death. The crazy thing is he dedicated his whole performance at Coachella to Nip. Of course he had to rename it "Boachella," but you know how they do. Anyway, Nipsey and YG had the same feeling on snitches...they didn't like them at all. Some say, that is why Nipsey was killed, for calling a snitch out on his BS. Anyway, YG didn't hold anything back at Boachella. We all know Tekashi 69 is a snitch, but I didn't know SkinnyFromThe9 is one too. I didn't know SkinnyFromThe9 at all! I never heard a single bar, a single musical note or a word from his mouth. At any rate, if YG says he's a snitch, he's a snitch...or is he?

First of all, check out the performance and see exactly how he shaded these two young rap duders.

Now, like I said SkinnyFromThe9 is new to me, but I googled him and saw he had a situation with Almighty Jay right before he got his face slashed in New York. You remember that, right? And J. Prince got the chain back....300 stitches later. But somebody got SkinnyFromThe9 for $80k in jewelry and according to the reports I saw, never said anything to the cops.

On the flip side, I see dude giving quite a lot to the homeless and needy. I don't know anything else about him. Help me out here.

I am not from YG's world or Skinny's world so I am not judging anybody.

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