YG Overcomes Being Labeled An Old Man By Google And Makes A Young Fan's Day

Rapper YG recently had Google add a few years to his life before later making a fan's day.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) YG is one of Hip-Hop’s coolest young emcees. At least we think he’s a young emcee.

Google has been known to be a trusted search database for online information. However, the search giant made a little mistake involving YG.

Google made a mistake after searching for information about the music artist. To people's surprise Google had YG listed at the tender young age of 49 years old.

Google has YG listed as being born on Dec. 2, 1969 instead of his actual birthday of March 9, 1990. That ws right as a crazy mistake, but it didn’t faze YG as he took time recently to make a fan’s day.

The fan was a former cancer patient and wanted to meet her favorite emcee. A wish YG was happy to grant.

@YG after beating stage 4 cancer all I could ask for was meeting you! #staydangerous,” said the fan on Twitter.

YG responded, “Damn. I feel special. You blesssd tho.”