YG Tattoos Kehlani’s Name So We Know It’s Real

Simone Grant

You know a man’s in love when he gets your government name tatted on him.

YG just let us know that his relationship with Kehlani is legit. 

On Saturday night the couple went out for a date night to the beach; At least that’s what their Instagram is telling us. 


The two broke up last year after YG was caught kissing another woman outside of a Hollywood nightclub. Then rumors were swirling that Kehlani and Tory Lanez has something going on, but she shut that down real quick stating it’s just business. 

Well after being spotted together on numerous occasions following the brief breakup, the couple made it official at Meek Mills’ Grammy party and shut down all haters as Kehlani posted her man’s wrist with her name tatted across.

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YG first girlfriend
... that wasn't a hood rat..lol


I hope they make it BUT PLEASE Don't act like there aren't a million black people walking around with different exe's name's tatted on them! Met a girl in the winter who was fine as hell & cool. Each time I saw her she had on either a jacket or sweater. Spring rolls around & she got 1 dude's name tatted on 1 arm, another dude's name on the other & yet another tatted on the back of her neck!!! I played it off like "You must've really been in love 3X!" LOL