YIKES: Women In Hip-Hop & R&B Are All Saying The Same Thing About Nicki Minaj

Is Cardi B right? Or are K. Michelle, Kim and Remy all ganging up on Nicki?

(AllHipHop Rumors) The women are rebelling and they are speaking on the unspoken. It has been stated for years that Nicki Minaj has been stalling and hurting people's careers in music for quite some time. Now, there was very little proof and not many folks stood up. That recently has ended, partially because of Cardi B.Well, the reason I give Cardi a bit more credit is because Cardi is is ratchet! She's from The Bronx! She's not saying things in a pretty, industry way. She SCREAMED about some of the alleged things that Nicki Minaj has done to stifle her budding rap career. People listened.

Now, you know the internet. The internet ain't going to sit. They are going to dig up the receipts, as they call them. I have not researched every single case, but a simple search shows that there are at least four major people saying this: Lil Kim, Cardi B, singer K. Michelle, and Remy Ma. This is like being a serial career killer! Now, most of these ladies survived, but I do feel that their inherent greatness was never quite realized. This basically means - with the exception of K. Michelle - that Nicki has allegedly cut the legs under anybody that could swipe that crown off her head.

Musically speaking, we know that Nicki's music holds up. I wonder why the fear if this is real? Here are some allegations.

Some might say that men do the same. They do. But, Hip-Hop is not like regular business and you see men helping each other all the time. They also fight all the time too. So, there are clearly less females in rap than just about any other workplace on Earth. So, I think there is a presumption that Nicki does like, say Serena did yesterday with the young champion Naomi Osaka: try to beat that butt on the court, but uplift her in loss. Cardi B is the only rapper do do a song with Nicki and that was a Migos song. She's never put a lady on her platform, ie her album. Just food for thought. Remember this?

"Ladies Night"

"Ladies First"

"Ladies In Da House" - RIP BIG KAP!

Last one: "Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Total - 'No One Else'"