YNW Melly Says "It Wasn't Him" And You Got No Evidence

YNW Melly YNM Melly has a genius approach to defending himself against murder charges.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am not all the way up open this YNW Melly dude! I am not up on a lot of the weird stuff that's going on in music. Why? Because a lot of it ain't about music! I get it: drama is a part of Hip-Hop and always has been. But, these days, you can hear about a rapper and never have heard his music. This is me and YNW Melly. I have seen visuals, heard stories, but not any music. Crazy, right?

This dude is wanted for murder? Yes. But it goes beyond that.

Earlier this year, Melly pleaded not guilty to charges that he and an associate murdered their own friends and then attempted to cover up the crime. Mely was BORN with the name Jamell Demons and has a song "Murder On My Mind." I feel like a white person typing this. He allegedly killed his own associates Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr (Juvy and Sakchaser). Police say Melly and a rapper friend staged the murders after driving around with the dead bodies in their vehicle for a period of time. This all sounds crazy.

Anyway....Melly has sent out somewhat of what his defense may be and I think it resembles the Shaggy approach to lawyering.

The state says THEY WILL PROVE can prove that the rapper shot and killed both of his friends, then staged the whole thing to look like a drive-by murder with YNW Bortlen assisting him. What are they thinking?!?

Melly's legal team have filed some new documents that will say that he is innocent! He proclaims that there is NO MURDER WEAPON! NO WITNESSES! AND NO DNA! They also say there is no motive. Well, in this weird world...I put nothing past anybody. In most instances, I would take the side of anybody but the cops since they have a penchant for lying. This case, just seems over the top.

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They've got no prove apart from his track 'murder on my mind'