YO! 50 Makes His Supreme Petty Move Against Ja Rule!

50 Cent may go down in history with this one....crazy!

(AllHipHop Rumors) YO! I think 50 Cent is about to make his pettiest move ever. I believe he is going to do the most crazy thing in a beef. Peep what was sent to me:

> 50 Cent shattered the news headlines last week when we reported first that he was buying 200 front row tickets in order to have Ja Rule’s show empty. Now we have learned from people close to the situation that 50 Cent is back at it. 50 Cent is closing in on buying all of Ja Rule’s master’s and publishing rights to all his hit music he made in the late 90’s early 2000’s. The price has not yet been leaked and we are digging but the souce did tell us it was for 7 figures. Def Jam owns a lot of Ja Rule’s masters so 50 is dealing directly with the company.

> This means everytime Ja Rule classic records get a stream or a sale 50 will now get paid! How petty and crazy is that? The man who ended your career now profits off you and your career.

I think this would impact Ja Rule's ability to EAT. Sources say this is not a real thing, but yoooooooooooo....is this even possible? This depends on who actually owns the masters to Ja Rule's records. Remember Ja Rule has hit records! So, it would NOT be cheap, but it would be insane.

Does anybody know who OWNS the masters for Ja Rule or Murder Inc?

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50 doesn't own his own got damn music so this just shows how feminine this so called man is.. You'll be a fool to believe he could afford it anyways.. watch this story goes nowhere


yo dont wont to F with 50.....he doesn't lose often, and even the only time he did (with Ross baby mmoms) he still kind of won, but did lose a nice peace of $