You Won't Believe Who Is Dating Lil Wayne's Daughter!


Lil Wayne may need to turn up outside of the club and as a daddy!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Every dad wants the best for their child. Every mom too. But when they grow up, they are off on their onw. Now what if that child is the daughter of one of rap's most iconic rappers? Yep. Lil Wayne. Guess who is dating Li Wayne's daughter?

It seems like that brother YFN Lucci has gotten with the first child of Toya and Weezy - Reginae Carter. He's 27 and she is...19, a fairly sizable gap when you are young. When you old and beat down, that's nothing. But people are already up in arms over this relationship. It seems real, since they were caught holding hands. I am going on record and say nothing good can come of this! Rappers just don't make good mates unless its Ice Cube or a female rapper.

She seems really happy. Hopefully YFN Lucci has enough respect to do the right thing.
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Two clowns

Dylana Feezel
Dylana Feezel

true let them date its just love


I dont disagree that eight years is odd yet her dad is weezy.