Young Buck Claims He Wrote For 50 Cent In New Diss!

Young Buck went straight to the lab after that supermarket incident!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Young Buck had a tough week. The former G-Unit rapper was just minding his business when some bozo approached him at the supermarket. The man started asking Buck a bunch of question and was generally annoying. He annoyed me and I wasn't even being harassed. Anyway, that dude got 2.5 seconds of fame, but just long enough for 50 Cent or his social media dream team to catch on.

This prompted Fofty to post the video as well and that's when it really spread. Well, that was yet another dig at an already embattled Young Buck. But must have immediately went into the studio, because he has a new diss song going at 50. Now, how do we know this song is a new diss? We know, because he references the supermarket incident in the bars of venom!

Listen up!

Now, people are reporting on this without getting into the minutia. But makes the scandalous claim that he wrote "Too Rich" for 50. "I wrote too rich for you and this the thanks I get?" Buck says. I can't say I have ever heard this song, but look at what we have here.

They has so much back and forth, its slightly hard to believe he wrote it based on the time of release in 2015. I guess they got over that whole crying thing back in the 08. Does i.t matter than 50 Cent had a writer? I don't think so. At first, I thought he said "GET RICH" as in "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" - which would have been a game changer.

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