Young M.A. Takes A Fall On Stage!

Get a laugh! But know that Young M.A. is still out here grinding away!

(AllHipHop Rumors) There's not a lot going on today. So, why not have fun and be free flowing. Watch this video of Young M.A. taking a tumble on stage.

If you are here, I am almost certain you thought Young M.A. fell OFF stage and was totally embarrassed or something, didn't you? I thought the same thing, but this was more like a drunken fall over a speaker. She's having way too much fun in life. I would really like to see her get back to the front line in Hip-Hop. She's definitely a lyricist and could balance some of the pop stuff going on out here.

Here is her latest so you know she's still good money.


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Lol.. Drunken fall over a speaker.. Illseed with his words..