Young Thug 2.0 Goes In On Bow Wow!


Hip Hop is getting stranger and stranger. Although the Hip Hop community has put Bow Wow and his good buddy Soulja Boy in Hip Hop timeout for their consistent “L’s” and offenses, Shad Moss is actually right this time.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Bow Wow posted a video of rapper Kyyngg with a caption that said,

“Ok let me understand something here. Hes Young Thug 2.0 Desiigner is Future 2.0 and we have a 22 Savage now hahahahah this is the craziest sh-t ever hahah welcome to hip hop where in 2017 sh-t gonna get even stranger.”

Kyyngg didn’t take too kindly to Bow calling him Young Thug Lite, despite the fact that he was coming at Thugger in the same way Thug was coming at Lil Wayne.

Kyyngg jumped on Instagram last night and went in on Bow.

“This p-ssy a-s n-gga Bow Wow. Tell that boy suck my d-ck and die. You can suck a d-ck and die p-ssy n-gga. Your name Shad Moss. B-tch yo Roll Bounce… B-tch I’ll roll yo p-ssy a-s b-tch. Stop playing with me,”

This rap sh-t is comical nowadays. Bring back real Hip Hop man. We need more than a handful of new-school real emcees.

Some of the lamest rappers ever have been beefing lately. Carry on.