Your Favorite Hit Show Is Being Sued For Copyright Infringement Again!


It appears that hit Starz show 'Power' is being sued for copyright infringement once again!

The hit show is being sued by Larry Johnson and Blake Keller for not only copyright infringement, but also for fraud and breach of contract.

The suit has been filed against the show's executive producers (including 50 Cent & Monique Presley), show creator, Starz Entertainment LLC, Anchor Bay Entertainment LLC, CBS Television, and author Nikki Turner.

Apparently Johnson wrote this work 12 years ago under his pen name, "The Ghost," and both his work as well as 'Power' explore an African American protagonist drug dearler using ill-gotten gains to transition into the realm of legitimate business.

Johnson and Keller also allege that Power has ventured far beyond likeness as the show goes as far as to borrow plots, character names, and almost identical language from their work.

We shall see if these two come out victorious LOL.