Your Move Fif! Vivica A. Fox Says 50 Cent Could Still Hit It If He "Earns It"

Your move 50! Vivica A. Fox says 50 Cent is definitely the love of her life.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Despite the fact that 50 Cent has disrespected his ex Vivica A. Fox [publicly] on multiple occasions, Vivica still wants that old thing back!

50 Cent and Vivica had been beefing for yearssssss, but they shocked fans recently as they made up enough for Vivica to shoot a sketch for 50 Cent's late night sketch show '50 Central' on BET.

Vivica says that there is finally peace between her and 50, and she's happy about it.

The actress let it be known that 50 is still the love of her life, and she said she will never deny that.

Fox revealed that she saw Fif at a Knicks game and went over to him asking that they squash the beef, and she later got a call to appear on his show.

Vivica explained that although 50 once tried to go at her whole family at one point, she really just wanted to bury the hatchet with the rapper.

According to Fox, Fif still gives her butterflies, they still have chemistry, and if he wants to hit it again, he would have to earn it.

Do you think they'll ever get back together?

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Nigga take care of yo kids


Earn it= Tell me I'm pretty and hold me after.