YouTube's Lyor Cohen Does A Grand Deed For Hip-Hop Homie!


Lyor Cohen has his critics, but nobody can get mad at this!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lyor Cohen has been called everything from a culture vulture to a genius business mind. I often find it hard to decide what he is, but he has been around a very long time and has been instrumental in the best times that Hip-Hop has had. Most people talk about his time with Def Jam or something Dame Dash has to say. But he also worked with Run DMC in a variety of ways that helped the seminal rap group blow up! 

"Well," you may ask, "What did Lyor do that was so great?" Sadly, one of Run DMC's closest friends died recently. A dude by the name of Runny Ray died this week. Runny Ray was not extremely well-known, but he was well-loved. Apparently, Lyor loved him too. Runny Ray was a roadie for Run DMC when they were at their height and stayed in good standing with that "family" of The Hollis Crew (Run DMC's Crew). I am hearing that Runny Ray had some sort of terminal illness, but I don't know what that was. 

I was told that Lyor was by his side when he passed away so that he was not alone when he slipped into hospice. I gotta say that, if it is true, is a very dope and selfless act from a dude people consider to be a staunch, cold businessman. I suddenly have yet another point of consideration for one Lyor Cohen. 


By the way, Runny Ray made a guest appearance in the Run DMC movie, "Tougher Than Leather."

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R I P Runny Ray! I dont know why this other cat below my post was off topic ...but whatever


If a person is stupid enough to NOT notice that Damon Dash didn't have a problem with Lyor Cohen or the other "Culture Vulture's" when he was making million$ with them then yeah you'd think all white people involved with Hip Hop are just taking from our culture! Back in 1983-84 Lyor started out with Run-DMC as a Tour Manager & as time progressed he worked his way up to the top of Def Jam. Kevin Liles who is black basically did the same thing! Everybody doesn't have the ambition to want to work their way to the TOP of a company. Some people are just happy to be working. My ultimate point is Dame didn't start his "CV" rant until all the Business' & his takeover of a Hollywood didn't go the way he planned & all of the Todd Moscowitz', Julie Greenwalds' etc who never left the business & are still employed in the industry are still making $$$$ being involved with Hip Hop.