Yung Joc’s Baby Mom Coming For His Reality!

Yung Joc's Baby Momma Is Coming For His Reality!

They should have never given you people INTERNET. As if Yung Joc wasn’t in his own fight for relevance, his baby moms is now trying to step in on his action. In. Reality. TV. YES. The mother of Yung Joc’s oldest son, Hasina White, is starting her own reality TV show called….wait for it…………………………………….

“Baby Mamas Atlanta, Virginia, Denver & Los Angeles.”

GOT DAMN IT! Harriet Tubman just did a semi-back flip in her grave over the title alone.

The trailer is on YouTube and looks like it was shot on an iPhone 4s.She’s also writing a tell-all book…about her life.

Time for a Cam'ron face.

Joc says he’s going to sue her if it appears on TV. The only thing is this ain’t going nowhere past these inter webs.



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