Yung Joc Says He’s Trying To “Lead By Example” By Driving For Ride Sharing App

Simone Grant

Yung Joc is trying to show his humble side and inspire the youth by driving for a ride sharing app.

After a video of Yung Joc driving for ride sharing app, “Pull Up N Go” was posted online, the rapper has finally decided to break his silence.

Joc told TMZ that he’s part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and that he’s trying to “lead by example” and show the younger generation that you’re not too big to make an honest living.

He also said this was a challenge to do something he never did before and knocked something off his bucket list.

I’m assuming he had to make a statement because the internet was making speculations that he was having hard times and might be broke. 

I see his point. Instead of the youth being in the streets hustling, they can earn a living the right way. But I can also see where people can confide his good deed for him trying to earn extra income as well. 

What y’all think?