A Look into Babak Rabiee’s Incredible Journey as an Award-Winning Musician

Babak is a self-made brand in the music industry. The 36-year-old artist is known for his unique compositions and the mesmerizing not-so euphonious voice.

The music industry has always been a tough space for newbies to penetrate and create a niche. An industry that thrives on trends makes it even more difficult for aspiring artists to catch up with. With the advent of social media, the industry has become overly saturated with talents from different corners of the world, making it difficult for newcomers to survive for long. Only original and unique artists have managed to find ground in this music industry and scale up their careers over time. However, these struggles most aspiring artists have in common were never a part of Babak Rabiee’s journey into the music industry. He was born to be unique in a space that had big walls of so-called standards for fresh talent. 

Babak was born and brought up in an average middle-class family in Virginia. Babak was the youngest of three kids in a family with an undying passion for music. His interest in music grew stronger when he saw his older brother and sister taking music lessons at school. He waited his turn to reach the grade where music classes were part of the curriculum. Things started going wrong when Babak’s music teacher figured out that Babak had a distinctive hoarse voice, unlike other kids his age’s mellow, soft tone. 

Babak failed to fit into the “standards” expected of anyone wanting to attend the music class. As a result, he was kicked out by his teacher and asked to join another class like dancing or gardening. Babak had his heart set on music, so he would still arrive at music class every day only to be given some clappers to play with. This made him feel demeaned and broke his confidence. That painful experience went on for a year until he opted for gardening in the next grade. 

After facing such discrimination because of his voice, Babak almost gave up on the idea of pursuing music as a career until he turned 15. Babak had a new neighbor, Kevin, who was his age and was learning classical and jazz music. Kevin loved playing musical instruments and instantly connected with Babak. From Kevin, Babak learned his first genuine lesson on music to pen down his first song during his college years. By the time Babak turned 19, he had already written over 20 songs, but no one was ready to sing them for him. His lyrics and sense of rhythm were completely different from traditional jazz. 

After repeated rejection, Babak decided to record his song. Kevin played the background score while Babak lent his voice to the song, “Where Is My Sunshine?” Luckily, Kevin’s father worked at a radio station and was amazed when he heard the song. He was able to reach Symphony Music, who instantly liked the song and wanted to produce it. In 2011, Babak’s debut single “Where is my Sunshine” exploded the music scene in the U.S., making him a promising star in the industry. 

Since then, Babak and Kevin have performed as a duo at many public appearances until Kevin’s sudden death in 2015 from a car crash, which left Babak in a state of shock. It took him a couple of years to overcome the grief of losing his friend and partner. In 2017, Babak made a rocking comeback with his fusion jazz track “Sleepless,” which blew up online. 

Today, Babak is a self-made brand in the music industry. The 36-year-old artist is known for his unique compositions and the mesmerizing not-so euphonious voice. He has more than 50 hits to his name along with a Billboard Music award and a CMT music award.