1 AM - "Da Gram" (VIDEO)

1 AM Releases The Visual For "Da Gram"

Does she sing? Did she win America’s Next Top Model? Does he rap? Is he famous? Who are these people with 16k followers and why do they have 1,983 likes? What is this popular “book me @ email in everyone’s bio? Why do I feel out the loop when I’m socially up-to-date? Where did all of this start?! Instagram that’s where! A place where you can be whoever and whatever you want to be, be seen as “real” or the modern definition of “bad” and become “Insta-famous”.

This Will Gates exclusive shows comical parodies of the real behind the scenes of these “no filter” baddies and 100% real niggas. With the realest hook “These niggas wouldn’t be shit if it wasn’t for the da gram/lot of these hoes wouldn’t even be known if it wasn’t for da gram/ she left her booking in her bio/ niggas turning hunnits into bands/she a thot from Chicago and that nigga ain’t the man.” Chicago native 1 A.M. has had enough and is calling out the “real” niggas and “bad” bitches in his new video “Da Gram”.