G-Unit Mobs Out in "Changes"

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoSPWy9-3T0&w=560&h=315]


New York bullies, G-Unit channel their inner mobster in their video for the track, “Changes,” off their newest project, Beauty of Independence.

Lead by Fiff, who plays a Godfather figure in the visual, appropriately placed at the head of the table, The Unit speaks about success, and how jealousy can turn friends into foes– a story hip hop knows all too well. Laced in the finest threads and surrounded by beautiful women, a polished Kidd Kidd reminds himself to chill out with the boasting Instagram posts and pay attention to those around him. “Guess I gotta stop posting all this money on Instagram/ They welcome you with open arms and open hands.”

This track blends in perfectly with the nostalgic, gritty sound of Beauty of Independence. Dropped in late August, the EP was supposed to hold G-Unit fans until the release of The Beast Is G-Unit, scheduled to drop some time in October. On Friday (October 3rd), the crew told The All Out Show on Shade 45, that it has unfortunately been pushed back and now expected to release in late November, early December. Although there won’t be another project for another two months, The Unit plans on releasing bonus tracks in the meantime. Stay tuned.