50 Cent Tells Critics To Lighten Up Over Jokes About Terry Crews' Manliness

50 Cent has a pretty carefree reaction to criticism over comments he made about actor Terry Crews;

50 Cent is accused of victim shaming and bullying Terry Crews after the actor was assaulted by a Hollywood executive.

An offensive meme was removed from 50's IG page, but 50 continued to question why Terry Crews didn't react violently when an agent groped him at a party in 2016.

50 Cent addressed the issue on the red carpet screening for Season 5 of "Power."

Meanwhile, a Care2 petition has been started, calling for Starz to drop "Power" from its lineup.

“His words were not only disappointing but also indicative of what the #MeToo movement is fighting against," the petition reads.

Judging by the turnout at the red carpet party for "Power," dropping the show is a far-fetched idea.

Check out 50's take on the whole controversy.