Ansaya Yah Yah Brings The Rah Rah On "No Fux"


Heartbreak can hurt. And when that pains becomes too much to bear, most people lose their ability to give any more fux. Ansaya Yah Yah is there and her new song represents that fed up, angry expresses her anger in her new song “No Fux.” The song, produced by Parker, is an ode to finer women everywhere who are tired of deadbeat men...and their family. The video is a well visual that extols the virtue of vengeance as Yah Yah commandeers a small fem-posse. Regardless of the men, music has changed her life for the better. "I was inspired to be an artist because I felt a feeling like no other when I made music. Happiness inspired me. Many times in life we are unable to find our purpose and total bliss. This is my bliss,” she said in a statement.