Barbershop Fridays – Episode #1


Barbershop Fridays

Barbershop Fridays [endorsed by Scholarich Music Group and Lyfestyle Clothing] is a new web-series brought to you by Xclusiv Barbershop in Brooklyn, New York. Over the years, we’ve seen Barbershop the movie and several attempts to make a quality barbershop reality show on MTV and other TV networks. The major component lacking from the previous projects is authenticity. Unfortunately, we have yet to see a show where real people are talking real issues in a barbershop. And if there is one thing everyone knows about urban culture, the word on the street starts in the barbershop. Barbershop Fridays will showcase what the game has been missing over the years. Topics ranging from hip hop, sports, relationships, political issues, etc. will be covered in a 12 episode web-series. The major problem in reality shows is editing, Barbershop Fridays will visualize the raw conversations you may have witnessed or been apart while getting your haircut. Check out the first episode of Barbershop Fridays right here on Topics in this episode are: 2 Chainz being robbed and Kobe v.s LeBron.