BTS: NLE Choppa Teaser With Sway And Chuck Creekmur At SiriusXM

AllHipHop Staff

"A Day In The Life With NLE Choppa" is on the way!

(AllHipHop Rumors) NLE Choppa continues to be one of the powerful, young voices in HipHop. Not only does he rap wall, he's entertaining across the board. It was only right that we continue our "Day In The Life Series..." with the Memphis, TN rapper. He's got something to say. Check out as Sway and Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur get the day started with the young rapper on an early, rainy day in New York City. The full episode drops next week, 

Check out Choppa and his mom/manager interview each other! This is too funny and gives another side to the rapper.

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Can't wait to see them in one frame. I really like them and also want to meet once. I have dream that if even I meet them i once feed them some tasty food that i learnt from


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