Cappadonna – “Help The Brovas” ft Amar Divine & Spliff Star

“Help The Brovas” is the fourth single off Cappadonna’s album entitled “Hook Off” Amar Divine & Spliff Star. Produced by J Clyde. While some of the project has gone under the radar, the project boasts that it is the only rap album ever that “has now hooks”.

The ever-charismatic Cappadonna, aka “The Angel of Rap,” is challenging the boundaries of traditional hip hop with his latest release, Hook Off.

The project’s title is a clever play on words, hinting not only at Cappadonna’s lyrical prowess, but also hinting at the concept that makes this album the first of its kind. Cappadonna has boldly succeeded in doing what no hip hop artist before him has ever done: For the first time, in the history of hip hop, Cappadonna has masterminded an entire album with no hooks, resulting in the album’s title, Hook Off.