Cardi B Appears In Court, Sticks Out Tongue, Rapper Hit With A Restraining Order

Cardi B was in court today and her appearance was very memorable.

(AllHipHop News) An emotional Cardi B appeared in a New York Court to face misdemeanor assault charges today.

Cardi made her way into the courtroom, with just five minutes to spare, thanks mostly to a huge crowd of spectators and reporters clamoring to take pictures of the rap star.

Cardi was flustered during the appearance for reckless endangerment and third-degree assault charges, after she fought with two bartenders at Angels Strip Club in Queens, back in August.

The rap star is accused of ordering her crew to throw a hookah pipe and glasses at two women named Baddie Gi and Jade, whom she believed was sleeping with her estranged husband Offset.

Cardi rolled her eyes when prosecutors suggested bail be set at $2,500.

The judge disagreed and released Cardi with some stipulations.

If the rapper makes any contact with Baddie Gi or Jade, even on social media, she will be immediately arrested.

Cardi's next appearance in court over the matter will be on January 31.

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Wit kodak black jail record,its lightweight over bruh.