Common Speaks on Drake Beef Over Serena

Common sits down with the Breakfast Club to discuss his new album and more with the crew.

As you get older, are you looking for more ways to perform?

“Ive been growing with my performance, I used to just jump up and lately I’ve been working on the presentation. You can give it that drama and part of that is me understanding the performance. My performance is definitely growing. Now my live performance might be me sitting on a stool, the other with me jumping around. I want to make music that when I’m 60 years old, I can be like this song is cold.”

On Drake and Serena:

“Me and Serena was together, we broke up, I don’t know specifically about her with Drake, and then I ain’t go no problem with that, I aint got nothing to do with it.”

“Drake after a while I felt like some of the things were subliminal, you just don’t know, cat be doing those sneak disses. It was a show where I left and then he said some tough stuff to the crowd. Then it was on.”

“We kept it on record and then everything was squashed.”