Director Anky Cyriaque Talks New TV Series With Tahiry And Jim Jones


Anky Cyriaque's work goes way, way back, but this creative is about to shake up the world!

(AllHipHop Videos) Anky Cyriaque is a film maker, creative and director that helms an upcoming series called "The Line Up," which features Tahiry and, maybe Jim Jones. The rapper was in the series pilot. Check out this interview with Anky and see all of the people that will be associated as "The Line Up"comes to life!

Anky Cyriaque has been actively involved in the film and television industry for the past 10 years earning credits as a director, writer, and producer. At only four years old, Cyriaque’s heart literally brought him to the world of film in more ways than one. Leaving Haiti, and coming to America for treatment for a rare heart condition caused Cyriaque to embody experiences that would develop the tools necessary to be a visionary, and exceptional storyteller.

With the adage “The Story is King”, Cyriaque’s goal was to create timeless, original, and classic films in an industry that is known for recycling stories and ideas. Early in his career, Cyriaque was involved in creating and producing several branding commercials for SonyBMG and their artist.

Referred to by his peers as “ Black Spielberg”, Anky Cyriaque has a resume that is sure to land him a position as a household name in the world of film in the upcoming years.