DJ Khaled Gives Dads Some Great Advice For Father's Day

Check out some of DJ Khaled's "keys" for Father's Day.

(AllHipHop News) Superstar producer DJ Khaled takes his responsibility as a father very seriously.

Khaled has made his son Ashad the centerpiece of his existence, from his family life to his business plans.

His latest #1 album Father of Ashad is dedicated to his son, who has also served as executive producer of Khaled's last two albums.

For Father's Day, DJ Khaled offered up some advice to his fellow dads in regards to prioritizing family over everything.

"My advice for all the fathers out there, obviously it should be for everybody, but family first," DJ Khaled said. "Your kids is your life. It's not about us no more. It's just not. It's about our families, it's about our kids."

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