E-Bro and Hot97 Crew Debate With Complex About Top 50 Albums Of 2015


After hosting a huge holiday concert with Busta Rhymes, Hot 97 is rolling out some more great content just in time for the holidays. In this heated interview we find members of the Complex staff defending their list of the Top 50 Albums of 2015 to E-Bro and the gang.

Along with Rosenberg and Laura, the Hot97 staff digs into Complex's choice at #3 with Rae Sremmurd's debut album, SremmLife. Meanwhile Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late was somewhere in the 20's and To Pimp a Butterfly landed in the #1 spot. But, there were some interesting discussions being had about how the albums were picked and the influence of Complex on the culture.

"I didn't think the list was all the way bad, um I think that I had my discrepancies. We can start with #50 I think was the Drake and Future album. And then #49 was the conveniently the Meek Mill album, the reason I use the word convenient is because obviously there was the Drake and Meek Mill situation, um and then you putting those at 49 and 50 seemed a little troll worthy, seemed like you guys were doing that for attention. Thats how I took it... then you have Rae Sremmurd's album at 3, I'd love to hear this Rae Sremmurd conversation," Ebro said.

"...If you listen to the album and you listen to some songs there are stories on there where they recount relationships that have gone poorly, they recount their rise from being homeless to now living in the hills, and both of them rap with a dexterity that a lot of rappers put in their lane just can't do," a Complex editor explained.

"There is an innate hipster sense of love for Rae Sremmurd that cannot be ignored that is part of the equation," Rosenberg explained. "That is part of it!"

"C'mon you know what it is, its the cute little black kids from the 'hood that we want to uplift and that we think is cute. The same with the lil hipster white people that love the drug dealer raps and they force feed all the pills and sizzurp rap shit on the hipster blogs," E-Bro lamented.

What do you think? Check it out below, there is a lot to talk about!: