EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B Set To Drop 'Gangsta B*tch Music: Volume 1' Mixtape (TRACKLIST/VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News)Love & Hip Hop star and social media celebrity Cardi B is ready to release a 12-track mixtape titled Gangsta B*tch Music: Volume 1. The Bronx native gave AllHipHop.com an exclusive statement about the forthcoming project.

"This mixtape signifies jumping out the window, taking a risk. The process has been amazing, but putting out my music for the world to hear is a super scary feeling. I just hope the world loves it as much as I do!" says Cardi. "I hope they listen to the words and learn from the lessons and experiences I talk about in my music! I really hope they appreciate it! At the end of the day, I want young girls and women to listen to the message! It's really simple, you can make it being yourself!"

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To pre-order a free copy of Cardi's upcoming tape text 718-215-0159. Check out the tracklist and trailer for Cardi B's Gangsta B*tch Music: Volume 1 below.

Gangsta B*tch Music: Volume 1 

1. Trust Issues

2. On Fleek

3. B.O.N

4. Washpoppin

5. Selfish

6. I Gotta Hurt You

7. With That

8. Foreva

9. Trick

10. Sauce Ni**az

11. Lit Thot

12. Everything