EXCLUSIVE: Willie D Of The Geto Boys Blasts "Snitch" Tekashi 6ix9ine

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Willie D from the Geto Boy sat with AllHipHop.com to explain what he thinks about the controversial Tekashi 6ix9ine's return to rap.

Additional reporting by Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur (@chuckcreekmur)

(AllHipHop News) Throughout their legendary career, Willie D and his group the Geto Boys have expressed the straight venom that they have for people who go tattle-telling to the police over some of the unmentionable things that go on in the hood.

Willie is now a G of 53-years-old, but he still holds the same views expressed in classic tracks Geto Boy songs like "Snitches" and "Trigga Happy N##ga."

So what are his thoughts on the Brooklyn rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine?

Willie D said, “I mean a snitch is a snitch...

“I heard dude try to give his explanation about snitching. He talked about how he snitched on the guy cause the guy ran up in his girl and kidnapped him and some other stuff. But the problem is that he told on Jim Jones, he told on Cardi B.," Willie D. explained to AllHipHop.com.

Willie D. seemed to be in disbelief that people are giving Tekashi 6ix9ine a pass. But they are.

The rap star's return pulled in two million viewers and shattered the record on Instagram live, while his video for "GOOBA" broke the record for the most-watched video in a 24-hour-time span, an achievement previously set by Eminem's "Killshot" diss to MGK.

“It's hard for me to respect somebody who will actively participate in something and then when it don't go right he gives everybody else up to save his own skin," Willie D. said. "I do believe in accepting you're bitter with your sweet in life. So if it's all good, we laugh and we joking when we doing when we doing, then when it goes down ain't no crying."

But do these rules apply to everyone or are they reserved for people in the street? If my grandmother calls the cops on people hustling on her block is she the same as a “rat” who turns his boys in?

For pedestrians or civilians, these are questions that need answering … particularly as gang culture in music is becoming more and more pronounced and accepted.

People just need to know the perimeters according to Willie D., who ran for a seat on City Council last year, as did his Geto Boys' brethren, Brad "Scarface" Jordan.

“Let's be clear what snitching is," Willie D. said matter of factly. "Snitching is when you actively participate in something, and then it go bad, and then you want to tell on other people... you're telling on your co-conspirators so that you can get your time knocked down or you can get some type of favor from the court that snitching.

“Snitching is not ‘I see a motherf##ker breaking in my neighbor's house and I don't say anything. That's dumb.

“That's one of the things that we used to do back in the day that we're not doing anymore," Willie D. explained. "We are not looking out for each other...Well now because everybody's every man for himself ‘that's they business and all that’ now, you have this influx of crime in the community, perpetrated by people who live in the community and outside of the community. Because people are turning a blind eye to the crime that [goes on] in the neighborhood.”

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Willie D. buggin and out the loop on this one. Yeah he told on Jim and Cardi (Star Brim took the lick for Cardi tho), but Jim is a rat too so it’s a iffy situation to even speak on. What I do know tho is if I were extorted, kidnapped, had a hit on my head, my mothers head, and had my main niggas fuck my bm behind my back I’d question the loyalty around me. Niggas value the street code til it’s unethical and it’s all because they chasing clout to be relevant... yes Meek included.

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I'm sorry but YOU are the one buggin' out or you grew up in the suburbs or you are 15 year's old! Anyone from the streets knows at some point when you were growing up somebody (Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Teacher etc.) told you NOT to get involved with "Gangs", crime etc. Hey chose to get deep into it and just because there has never been honor among thieves/Criminals can have no moral's, things got TOO REAL & now it's time for the repercussions of what you involved yourself into you want to take the easy way out!!!! That's BS life doesn't work that way!


Yeah he must be one of the new age"street niggaz". Your reasoning makes no sense considering he was using them for their reputation to portray that he was a "real one"


You wrong. Willie gave him a pass. But rat or not, wether star took the charge or not, him bringing them in the situation is a violation. He don’t get a pass for mentioning them, they didn’t kidnap or fux his bm. But everything else, I get it. But still don’t condone it


Nah google Rashawn Harper v. Ohio hell im a whole felon who’s had a federal case and I went in that bitch and took my trial like a real nigga should and stood alone with nobody to tell on so miss me with what you think. This about loyalty and if ya niggas ain’t loyal to you what the fuck you loyal to them for!?! Only person he guilty of 🐀 on is Jim and Star Brim but like I said Jim turned witness himself so who’s really ratting plus to say what era I come from... really niggas!?! Every era has had snitches from the Frank Lucas Nicky Barnes era to the Freeway Rick Era all the way to Meech Era so who really in the streets and know who doing what, talk what y’all know cause apparently all I’m hearing is hearsay from somebody that wish they were from this life.