Ferrari Ferrell Talks About Working With Sonny Digital, Bobby Shmurda, And Troy Ave

FERRARI TALKS ABOUT TROY AVE AND BOBBY SHMURDA REPRESENTING NY HIPHOP recently sat down with rapper Ferrari Ferrell to talk to him about his new mixtape "Loop God". During the conversation Ferrari talked about working with super producer Sonny Digital for a song called "F$%K Around".

"I was on his ass! Every time I saw him I was like give me a beat. He sent me a lot of tracks and some of them were down south tracks but I found that special one that had that up top feel."

Ferrari also talked about how he has been able to be successful being an independent and what he thought about Bobby Shmurda and Troy Ave representing New York.

"Shout out to dem boys. they let me know that it is a chance out here for everybody and they motivate me to go harder."