Hot 97's E-Bro Talks About Kanye's Exclusive Listening Session in NYC


E-Bro carefully shares his thoughts about the new T.L.O.P. project by Kanye that he heard last night. Apparently the GOOD Music fam was in the building including Kim, North West, A$AP Rocky, Tyga and others. The Electric Lady studio session was rich with libations aka beverages and apparently everyone was feeling right.

"We was having some beverages in there!" E-Bro said. "I was really into the music."

When speaking about what Kanye wanted to be remembered from the project, he paraphrased Kanye words saying, "I want you to talk about how amazing the music is, the drums, the bass lines and the song structure."

E-Bro also went on to talk about how Kanye had some pretty funny lines on the project. One particular line was about Ray J of all people, who was frequently brought up during the recent Wiz beef.

According to E-Bro Kanye said, "Me and Ray J would be friends if we wasn't in love with the same bitch. You might have hit it first, but I'm rich though."

"It's not serious its funny," E-Bro recalled as he paraphrased rap.

What else will Kanye say? Who knows, but we will be eagerly waiting to hear every word of Swish, Waves, T.L.O.P.