King Harris Talks About Being Different From Dad T.I. And Mom Tiny!


King Harris reveals his thoughts on haters, his drip choices and doing music with his mom and dad.

(AllHipHop Videos) T.I. has long regarded himself as "The King of The South," and he and wife Tiny have produced another king. King Harris is the son of the couple and he's rapidly emerging as his own artist with a special drip. In this special interview, he talks about being an "artist" and venturing out past Hip-Hop into pop and rock. He also talks about the differences between himself and his own family, many of which are artists. We also get Kid Saiyan, the alter ego that wilds out and talks crazy slick. Wait to you see his comments on Michael Jackson in this interview by Slops.

Check out "Drip" and share your thoughts.

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