Lee Daniels' "PIMP" Debuts At HBO's Urbanworld Film Festival

Take a look at some highlights from the debut of Lee Daniels' "PIMP."

The highly anticipated film "PIMP" was screened at the HBO Urbanworld Film Festival at the AMC Empire Theatre 13 in the heart of Manhattan.

The packed movie theater was moved to cheers, laughter, and tears durin the debut of "PIMP."

"PIMP," which is directed by Chris Crokos and executive produced by Lee Daniels ("Empire"), stars Keke Palmer and DMX.

The cautionary tale centers around a female pimp named Wednesday (Keke Palmer).

She hits the streets hard entering a male dominant territory, but with money on her mind and a strong hand of growing her stable, she pulls a top girl who forces her to choose between love or money.

When the final credits rolled on the screen, everyone wanted to know who was the people responsible for producing the soundtrack to "PIMP."

They are the members of (Ruffsaints Entertainment) a new Philly music company that provides New Wave and Old School soul music for major and independent films.

The company was launched by music industry veterans Vance Debose, Jimmy Da Saint, Khan Jamal, and Grammy Award-winning music producer Carvin Haggins.

This group of talented men, all from Philly, has Hollywood calling for that fresh new sound of rap, R&B and pop music that's been way overdue.

Be on the lookout for more projects from Ruffsaints Entertainment and check out more from the Urbanworld Film Festival's screening of "PIMP."