Ma$e Recalls Years with Bad Boy via Power 106 LA

Ma$e Recently sat down with Power 106’s Rikki Martinez in Los Angeles for an update on what the Harlem bred rapper has been up to and to reminisce about days of old at Bad Boy. After recalling some of the days at Bad Boy, Ma$e was talking about performing in LA with Puff and Ma$e opened up about his new record and his ambitions going forward. Check it out below!

Back then you were working on the Bad Boy dream, more as a collective, now you are just working on what Mase wants to do, right? 

Everyone knows Puff, I believe he did a wonderful job., from what he taught me to what he’s done. So shout out to Puff, shout out to the whole Bad Boy staff, and Arista and places that don’t even exist anymore…  Thank you to all of those peoeple.

Does it trip you out, looking back like that even records stores aren’t here now?

I look at people from our camp as a success. Like look at people like Tubby Smith, he was street team, now he is running things over at Sony. Its just a testament to the work we did.

Do you make sure to let younger rappers know you are still Mase? 

I don’t want to make comparisons, the past counts but it doesn’t count. Like yes that did happen, but I don’t want to live off of that. If I can do that right now thats all that matters…