Mike Tyson on Life, LeBron James and the NBA Finals

Its a big rematch what do the Heat and Lebron James and D Wade need to do to bounce back so that this doesn’t happen again?

Mike Tyson: Athletes of that magnitude, I’m sure they are doing a lot of brain work right now, and they are going to do to the best of their abilities so this doesn’t happen again.

In sports some days people just look at it like it’s a bad day on the job and you have to think about it like two days are never the same.

Do you agree that Lebron is the easiest target in sports, can you relate to that feeling?

Theres no doubt about it, theres him and Floyd Mayweather, of course there are people that expect perfection from someone who is not perfect. They don’t know how difficult it is. The training is harder than the game. Some people don’t know how difficult it is….

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iUjDGQ3SnI]